English language skills of a person are evaluated on the parameters of reading, writing, speaking and understanding what’s written in English. But of all, writing in English is considered one of the toughest challenge for both native Englishmen as well as non-native candidates. And doctoral writing in English is the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to write a PhD dissertation effective in terms of research, and strong in terms of development, there is no single chance of rejection by your doctoral chair and university. The better a dissertation is, the prospects are greater of a win-win situation. Not to forget, the development of better dissertation involves many pains, toil, smart work, dedication and a hawk’s eye to identify where exactly the improvements in the dissertation are required.

Struggles are endless, and so are the solutions! That’s why I’m here to assist you in completing your dissertation with all-inclusive dissertation editing services in California.

The range of editing services offered at my place acts a helping hand to the bright students constrained by language and writing issues.

Dissertation Editing Services- Perfecting Your Writing Flaws

I offer editorial assistance through the following two dissertation editing services. Based on your requirements, you may choose anyone. If you cannot figure out which service would improve your dissertation's quality, write to me at and help you with the decision-making.


Substantive Editing Services

The writing style, tone, and language consistency in your dissertation is checked for maintaining the clarity throughout. If the structure of a particular chapter, or any section is not found appropriate in the context, it is re-structured accordingly. This process of restructuring is done on sentence, paragraph, and chapter level to make sure that the reader or reviewer is not misled. Signposting, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation is also scrutinised and corrected to adhere to the academic writing rules and conventions. The interpretation of the referred source, the way an argument is posed, the tone of a statement written is evaluated for complete understanding. Under this service, you are required to share the draft of dissertation and reviewer’s feedback (if any) to me. I will edit as well as advise you about the further changes required on your part.


ESL Editing Services

ESL editing services are catered to ESL (English as Second Language) candidates in which the editing is done at the primary or developmental level. The grammar, vocabulary, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, and noun strings are checked and corrected to compose a meaningful whole. If needed, it may involve the rewriting of sentences, paragraphs, and chapters of the dissertation in advanced use of English language. To avail this service, you must share the draft of the dissertation, reviewers’ feedback, and other supporting documents with me. On understanding your research, I will edit your dissertation accordingly.

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